Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Favorite Product #1

Yesterday while I was shopping at my favorite ghetto fabulous superstore (hey, we needed pediasure, it's cheaper there), I came across what could be my new favorite food item.

Powdered Whole Milk by Nestle Nido!!! The perfect thing to mix into a glass of milk and boost your child's calorie intake.
2oz (1/4 cup) includes:
150 calories
8g fat
8g protein
10% RDA Vitamin A
25% RDA Calcium
25% RDA Vitamin D
(RDA values based on adult's recommended daily allowance, not a child's).
I've been mixing 1 tbs into 4oz of milk and Emma doesn't notice a difference and it gives her 40-50 extra calories with each sippy of milk she drinks, which can add up to over 200 extra calories a day!!!
I prefer to feed Emma organic/hormone free dairy products but haven't been able to find an organic version of this in stores yet, if I find one I will let you know!
For now click here to find out where Nestle Nido is carried near you!

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  1. Hello!!!
    I wanted to share- I have a 19.8 pound 19 month old who is male and was NOT a preemie. He is super tiny, healthy but seems to have little interest in food and is very picky. I was a very picky child myself and have become obsessed w/his caloric intake. I know how consuming it is to have a small child who does not eat very much. Thanks for your website and best of luck in "fattening" up our little string beans