Monday, May 25, 2009

The beginning

My daughter E is 14 months old and weighs 15 pounds. She was a 29 week preemie and has been a "slow grower" since she was born.
After months (and months) of worrying about my daughter's weight gain, or lack there of, and analyzing ever morsel of food she puts in her mouth, I've decided to start this blog to help other parents along their journey. Having a child with poor weight gain is beyond frustrating, and it hurts you to the core when you can't help your child with the one thing that usually comes so naturally. People expect babies to be fat and often wonder (out loud) what is wrong with a child when they aren't. Everyone is constantly telling us to feed her more, but that is easier said than done. I know the calorie content of every bite of food she eats. I have spreadsheets and charts and I constantly worry that she's getting enough calories and that she's also eating a well rounded diet. I can't not stress about it.
My goal is to be able to talk about some of the issues that kids and parents face and offer high fat recipes ideas. I've researched every food choice that I make for her. It's hard to want your child to have the very best in nutrition AND the highest calorie choices. I'm sure if I only fed her butter I might see some weight gain, but it's important to me that she also eat fruits and veggies. I've spoken with doctors and nutritionists and feel like I have a wealth of knowledge that I didn't have a year ago, and I want to share it. Worrying about weight gain is time consuming, as is meal preparation and I want to offer ideas that might be able to help you. I'm tired of people telling me to feed my child crap in order to gain weight. There has to be a way to eat high fat healthy foods and I'm going to explore it.


  1. Hey, I'm a fellow preemie mom sent here by Martha C. My former 28 weeker (now 14mos) likes to eat, but is slooow growing as well. I'm also trying to do the same things as you - finding a balance between healthy and calorie laden :)

  2. Thanks so much for starting this blog. I can see it becoming a big help for me (my small little one is a bit bigger than yours.... but not much).

  3. I realized after I posted my comment that it might have come off insensitive... I didn't mean it that way. :( I hope you have lots of luck chunkying up your monkey.